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Megan Adams is one of Australia’s most passionate artists. Her artistic legacy is built on recurring themes and icons such as her most famous subject matter, that of Adam Goodes and Wayne Bennett.


Each work, whether comprising a single colour or very detailed portraite, provide remarkable insight in to Megan’s imagination and sense of compassion, typically featuring portraits, landscapes and the ocean. From her earliest days she used to practice drawing for many hours each day. Currently residing in Darwin Megan grew up in Maitland (NSW Australia) and drew inspiration from the family farm finding appreciation of colour in nature.


Even though Megan excelled in art at school she was strongly discouraged while growing up to persue being an artist. Megan would like to now encourage everyone regardless of race, background or ability to have a go at following their dream  because anything is possible. 



To enquire regarding a commission, a viewing of an artwork, or any inquiries you may have, please complete the below fields to send an email.



Location: Newcastle NSW Australia

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Megan Adams is a Newcastle artist, painter that makes artworks that consist of portraits, abstract and landscapes. Megan has painted some of the most iconic Australians of her lifetime including Adam Goodes, Wayne Bennett and Gawurra. With every artwork is a sense of respect and honor with every oportunity received. 

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